About Us + Our Mission

Maggie Mellema (Co-Owner) - C41 Portait DesignWe never cut corners to save a dollar, we produce generation-lasting portraits by the finest printmakers using the best available materials and craftsmanship while creating an unforgettable experience and genuine relationship with our clients.

C41 Portrait Design is owned and operated by Maggie Mellema. We are business owners, moms, wives and are extremely driven. And while we’ve received awards and nominations for our imagery and customer service, we strive every single day to get better.

Being active members in our community is a top priority. We are members in good standing with the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, Professional Photographers of Nebraska and the Professional Photographers of America. We also support many local charities and non-profit organizations and have a goal to contribute $100,000 of goods and services each year through fundraising efforts and partnerships. If you have an organization that is looking for an avenue to help raise funds, we’d love to talk with you!

Our mission is to create an investment worthy, family heirloom you and future generations of your family will cherish. We strongly believe in the importance of capturing your family’s legacy and displaying it prominently on your wall. We work tirelessly to provide an experience you won’t soon forget and portraits you will be proud to display.

We would love to talk with you about who you hold most dear and create a group of portraits that reflects your emotions. Please take a moment to fill out our guest form and we will be in touch.

Our Vision

To create portraits that speak to people, enhance memories, and capture feelings.

Our Mission

C41 Portrait Design will use its unique ability to expertly compose and capture imagery that speaks to the heart, delivering lasting memories to their clients through exquisite portrait photography and mixed media art pieces to build their company brands. As a women-owned business serving the Greater Omaha area and the Omaha-Lincoln corridor with easy access from major thoroughfares and highways, the company used its cutting-edge technology and post-production software expertise to enhance customer experiences and ensure financial soundness. C41 Portrait Design is committed to growth by providing the best possible products and services within a committed timeframe while also supporting local community initiatives, endorsing industry best practices, and exceeding customer expectations. With a solid reputation based on quality products and services, ethical business processes, C41 Photography is poised to be Omaha’s Portrait studio of choice.