The Heart Heroes Mission

Heart Heroes is the work of Kitty Burton and 2 other moms who came together and wanted to help not only their children who were affected by Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) get through their numerous surgeries, medical procedures, and doctors visits; but also to help other children and families affected CHD. They wanted to create a way for them to be recognized for their bravery and outstanding super-powers they possess when facing their journey.

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The Power Of A Portrait

Have you ever found yourself in a quiet moment reflecting on everything that has brought you to this exact place? As I stood back and looked at my family portrait we had just hung over our fireplace I was overwhelmed with emotions. We have had several family portraits hang in that exact space, but for some reason, this one represented something, much different to me. My mind flooded me with memories of a messy house, kitchen dance parties, laughter & tears, a mother’s worry, and a dad’s hard work. All of those moments that lead up to my four beautiful children smiling back at me in this portrait.

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What’s In A Name

Just where did C41 Portrait Design come from? Originally it started as Studio C41 in October of 2009. The studio is the collaboration between photographers Maggie Mellema and Katrina Bishop. They each had several years of professional photography experience and degrees between them and decided it was time to open a professional retail studio and chose Clock Tower Village at 98th and Dodge as their location.

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