Where are you located?

We are located just North of the 98th and Dodge exit and directly East of the West Roads Mall. Google our address-725 N 98th St, Omaha, NE 68114.

When should I book our session?

Right now. We never discount and cut corners, so we offer our best rates all year long. Because some of our promotional weekends can fill up 3-6 months in advance it’s never too early to book your portrait session. If any additional promotions become available during your session your photographer or sales person will always inform you.

How should we prepare and where will our session be?

We will meet with you in person or on the phone to discuss all the details of your portrait session. You can choose from a studio session or an outdoor session. The outdoor session can be at the nearby OPPD Arboretum or Standing Bear Lake. Outdoor sessions are only offered during certain hours of the day to get the best possible light and landscape.

When selecting your clothing take into consideration: where your portrait will hang in your home, the impact you want the portrait to have for future generations and proper fitting clothing. When choosing an outdoor location keep in mind that your surrounding landscape is generally much larger than your family, and to preserve the beauty and colors of the landscape it is important to choose simple clothes in solid colors.

We have put together several color combinations that look good in both our studio and outdoor sessions. We will help you choose a color pallet that will fit both your home décor as well as flatter your families style.

What else should we bring?

We love learning about your family, which helps us create the best possible portrait for you. We encourage you to bring your furry pets, or include grandparents in the sessions as well. Perhaps the family enjoys an activity or sports team. This can also be added into your session to capture a memory that will be cherished for generations.

We have years of experience working with families and children of all sizes and ages. Children work best when parents are relaxed and let us engage with them to create true and authentic expressions. Parents often want to tell children to ‘smile’ or ‘say cheese’ and can make the experience often stressful for all involved. Whether you wanted something traditional or something more fun or candid we will get everyone involved so that you leave with a smile and happy new memory.

What about hair, makeup, or glasses?

Hair-Ladies, try not to have a hair cut or perm at least 1-2 weeks before your session. We want your hair to style and lay like it normally would and often newly styled hair does not want to cooperate.

Makeup/Retouching-Blemishes will be removed from any ordered portrait and often caking more makeup on a breakout makes it more noticeable. If you stand 5 feet away from a mirror and don’t see it, it’s likely we will not either. All of our portraits include retouching of: skin blemishes, stray hairs, dark under eye circles, scratches, and teeth whitening. Additional fees apply for: braces, sunburns, facial hair, and glass glare.

Glasses-If you wear glasses most of the time, you’ll want to wear them in your portraits. To eliminate glare and reflection, call your optometrist and arrange to borrow a pair of empty frames similar to yours or have the lenses removed from your frames. Most optometrist will do this for no charge, but make sure to call and give them advanced notice. Transition lenses cannot be fixed so please bring an additional pair of frames if your session is outdoors. If you choose to bring your glasses as is, keep in mind that additional retouching charges can occur to fix any reflections.

What if there is bad weather?

If it looks like rain or wind, we will call you before deciding if we need to reschedule the outdoor photographs. However, we can always move the session to our indoor portrait studio. If you’ve scheduled a senior session we will go ahead with the indoor portion of your session and find a time to finish up the outdoor.

What is the session fee?

Our studio or outdoor session fee is $250. This includes the time and materials that go into creating your portrait session. Your session will include lots of variety of poses and expressions for you to make your selections from. Please consider your availability when calling to schedule an appointment, as well as the time of day in which children are happiest and attentive.

Why do I need to pay a reservation fee?

The $150 reservation fee is required to hold your appointment time and will be applied to your order as a credit. A $300 reservation is required for all after hour sessions on evenings or weekends. Because there are other people requesting these times, we must receive your reservation fee to hold your time and qualify you for any additional promotional discounts. If something happens to come up and you need to reschedule, your reservation fee will follow your rescheduled appointment.

Most clients give us a credit card over the phone so that they don’t forget to mail in a check. We do require the reservation to be paid within 3-5 days or your scheduled time will be forfeited.

If for some reason you need to cancel, we ask for a 14-day notice to receive your full refund.

When will I get to see my portraits?

When you schedule your portrait session we will also confirm your ordering appointment. It is important that all decision makers be at this appointment to view and make your portrait selections. You will also receive information on how to upload photos of the walls in your home so that you can see your own images on your walls. This is an important part of the process when deciding what size and style fits the space you will be hanging your portrait. It is a visual confirmation that the investment you are making will look perfect in your home.

Also, at this appointment, additional bonuses are applied to your order such as: discounts on framing, and collection pricing. If additional ordering appointments are needed you will forfeit any ordering discounts due to booking additional ordering time with the photographer.

When I order, what will I need to pay, and when will my portraits be ready?

Once an order is placed, 50% of its total is required to start processing your order. Standard orders take 8 weeks to complete. We want to give you our very best and for that reason, every C41 portrait is meticulously enhanced and hand finished to preserve quality and color for every image. Lastly, we protect every wall portrait with a protective coat to ensure quality for future generations to enjoy.

We will give you a call to arrange a pickup time when your portrait order is ready for pick up. We also offer a complimentary service to hang any wall portraits 16×20 and larger in your home for no additional charge.


We believe in providing our customers with only the best. For this reason, we use only the highest quality labs to provide the best products. We specialize in finished products and artwork. We believe in the power of a wall portrait and give our time and talents into creating a tangible product to show for your investment. We believe that digital images will easily be forgotten and lost for future generations and to maintain the integrity of our work consider a CD or Flash Drive an unfinished product. We know sharing your experience and images online is important and as a courtesy will provide you with a web resolution file size of any ordered pose for you to share on social media.

Our product offerings include:

  • Small Prints-start at 109
  • Wall Portraits-start at 949
  • Keepsake Albums-start at 979
  • Canvas Wrap Portraits-start at 579
  • Mixed Media Art Paintings-start at 2198
  • Framing-prices vary on size and style

When ordering 3 or more portraits a 20% collection discount will be given to your order.

Welcome to Our Portrait Family

We would like to welcome you to our studio family! We hope that you have had a wonderful experience and look forward to working with you again in the future. For that reason, we have included Free Portrait Sessions for your lifetime. We hope you return to us whenever you need family, children, or high school senior portraits sessions (a $250 savings every time).

We look forward to creating portraits for you that as life changes these are the moments that you will never forget.